Tailored, research-based workouts with a personal touch - that's what you get with Coach Dean's running programs. Whether it's virtual, club or group coaching you get the very best program and support - to get you where you want to go. 
Dean Hebert M.Ed. MGCP (Coach Dean) is a nationally certifed running coach and certified mental games coach who can help you perform your very best...not just physically but mentally as well!

About Arizona Running Club

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Club workouts are conducted around the Phoenix East Valley. See the schedule for details.

Arizona Running Club is a service offered by Mindset for Performance LLC. We offer services and knowledge simply not offered by other running groups or clubs. Workouts & programs are research based but Dean Hebert M.Ed. MGCP is a certified running coach and applied sports psychology coach helps athletes perform their best; not just physically but mentally as well!




  • Club workouts are conducted year round.
  • Track workouts are held at Marcos de Niza HS in Tempe Arizona.
  • Individualized complete training schedules are available.
  • Virtual coaching is available.
  • Mental game training programs specific to runners are available.
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Club Schedule

Updates to location or cancellations are posted on our FaceBook page.




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